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Minimum Viable Metrics for TDD and BDD

If you have recently started Test Driven Development and/or Behavior Driven Development and would like to know how you can improve or showcase the benefits to the management, you have reached the right place.

How did Management 3.0 Help Me in Shifting My Home?

I have been living alone for the past 3 years and thoroughly enjoying it. However, I also realized that I have grown too much into my comfort zone of living alone, without any restrictions whatsoever. One fine day, I contemplated the option of moving to a shared accommodation.

Merit Money - Implementation and Learnings

While I was reading the book Managing for Happiness written by Jurgen Appelo, I came across a concept called Merit Money. Jurgen Appelo says that we can improve ‘good’ behaviors and collaboration among people in an organization by introducing a Merit Money system where anyone in the organization can award virtual currencies, whose value fluctuate over time, to anyone else who exhibited a good ...


Is Chastising Build Breakers Correct?

** Update: Recently, I delivered a talk at Discuss Agile Conference Bangalore 2016 and XP Conference 2016 about the same subject. Here are the slides **

Electronic Agile Wallboards for Distributed Teams

Agile Team Wallboards make an agile team’s workspace meaningful. Electronic Wallboard is an information radiator mounted on wall (pretty self-explanatory, huh!). Wallboard displays relevant information, aggregated from multiple sources, to help in making decisions regarding daily work.


Agile India 2015 - Agile Life Cycle - A Compendium

After the first two days of Agile India 2015 - Scaling Agile Adoption track, it was finally the time to learn about Agile Life Cycle. This blog post aims to create a compendium of my learnings from the Agile Life Cycle track of the conference.

Agile India 2015 - Scaling Agile Adoption - A Compendium

Ever heard of an eye-opener? Ever experienced it? I just had one recently. And, that eye-opener lasted for full 4 days! I am talking about an Agile India 2015 - An agile conference that I attended over the past 4 days. The first two days were dedicated to the track “Scaling Agile Adoption” and the next two days were for “Agile Life Cycle”


Design and Code to Choose the Husband Using MapReduce

In the last blog post “What is MapReduce? - An Exercise using Activity Based Learning”, the methodology of MapReduce was explained. In this blog post, let me take it a step further. Let us do the technical design and Java coding for the same problem “Choosing the Husband” explained in the previous blog post.

What is MapReduce? - An Exercise using Activity Based Learning

Whenever I have the chance to explain somebody the process of MapReduce, I find it demoralising that “Word Count” is the only example found on almost all places in the internet. I could not recommend any reading material which gives them more insight than a simple word count. Yet, something good came out of this problem. I was forced to think of a simple-enough-scenario to apply MapReduce an...