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Blameless Continuous Integration


After the first two days of Agile India 2015 - Scaling Agile Adoption track, it was finally the time to learn about Agile Life Cycle. This blog post aims to create a compendium of my learnings from the Agile Life Cycle track of the conference.

Day - 3

The keynote of Dave Snowden, titled Embrace Complexity, Scale Agility frankly went over my head! The concepts were too complex to catch, fitting the title. To date, I am trying to stare at his presentation and to make sense of a lot of concepts. This served as a reminder of how long the way forward is, for me at least.

Anand Bagmar’s talk titled ‘Enabling Continuous Delivery in Enterprises with Testing’ presented a very HUGE problem of scale and how it was solved. This case study by Thoughtworks explains how a triangular pyramid of testing became a pentagonal pyramid when problems and situations become complex.

Arvi Krishnaswamy talked about Lessons Learnt from an MVP. The blog post he provided in the conference system is a very detailed explanation of what he did.

Naresh Jain

User story slicing has consistently been a problem, which was difficult to solve. Naresh Jain addressed this concern by giving pointers on how to effectively slice user stories, as a session.

Day - 4

For a person like me, the topic of Behavior Driven Development was very new. The last day’s keynote was by the person (Aslak Hellesøy) behind Cucumber. After reading the Wikipedia’s BDD page, the slides of the talk make sense to me now.

Sophie Freiermuth presented a talk of Agile from the point of view of a UX person. It was very informative to view the world from the eyes of a UX engineer.


I came to learn about a tool called Chef, which can be used to test infrastructure code in Test Driven Development. Thanks to Sreedevi’s session.

Then, it was soon time for my (Yes, my!) own (Yes, my own!) session. Another blog post is on the way about how it went.

Soon after my session was over, it was very interesting to listen to Jeff Lopez, when he talked about how Exorcist was a lean planning master :)

Ankur’s session scandalously promoted promiscuity.. in pair programming :) The talk on his experience with the pair programming was very informative and inspiring.

After being continuously overwhelmed for four days, the conference came to an end and I travelled back to Hyderabad with lots of learnings in my heart. Yes, the near future would be music to my organization. I am sure of that!